Caria DELUGAS born in Genoa on 11/04/1970, for over 20 years combines his profession as a nurse in one of the singer. Its supple vocal being a light soprano, allows her to wander in the repertoire of the greatest singers of all time by Anna Oxa, Mina, Giorgia, Elisa to Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston, Donna Summer .... Her voice enchants, from Pop / Rock to Melodic Dance, and 'performed with musical groups dancing and singing around Italy. During his career he has had the opportunity to work with different and known artists such as Gino Paoli (1986), was in fact a choice between various aspiring singer, to sing on stage at the Teatro Genovese during a concert in the song "E m'innamorerai ". For years Corista singer Sandro Giacobbe. also works with Nico Calabrese of the "busway" and with producer / musician Piero Cassano of MATIA BAZAR "affects parts intended for a Canadian singer. Afterwards, recording songs for the television broadcast of Paul Limits, music productions Dance inserted in Milan in various compilations. Collaborations in the studio as (chorister and construction of melodies), realization of jingles