Gianmarco Leone began playing classical piano at the age of ten, but his interest in music dates much before. His creativity started to flow out of his classical studies at the age of thirteen, when he composed his first original composition. Since then, his interest in music led him to study composition, orchestration, harmony and counterpoint. Learning by studying and learning by listening the most celebrated composers is a process obviously ongoing that led him to what he can do now. His love for computers and information technology is only the other aspect of his activity, making possible to craft from intimate piano solos to big sounding symphonies, from classical resembling pieces to electronic ones thanks to a wide array of state-of-the-art technological equipments. Gianmarco is now a youth composer who already has a distinctive style focused on arousing emotions. His psychology thesis was “Music and emotions: emotional meanings of musical patterns in the music for the cinema”, a wide research of musical patterns that led him to the exploration and understanding of the music language and its tricks. He has scored many short films and corporate videos, and is featured in the soundtrack of the strategy video game “The Battle for Wesnoth”. His last projects were two short films: "Train" and "Stanislasky" both shot in Texas. He's currently working on his first feature film, "Sugar Baby" ( that will be shot in India.