1Klaus (Claudio) Savoldi Bellavitis, Italian composer - pianist, jazz singer, has been the first italian to graduate in 1988 at the Berklee College of Music of Boston in Film Scoring Techniques major. Since 1989 he worked as an arranger - composer for film industries and leading advertisement and documentaries companies. During his stay in the States he worked with Windham Hill Records, Boston Film and Video Foundation and many local film makers, when he moved back to Italy he started teaching at the Conservatorio Verdi of Milan and working for Mediaset, Rai, Fratelli La Bionda, Maurizio Nichetti, Titanus Film, Croma Cinematografica and BRW Film Productions. Together with his uncle, Enzo Bellavitis, Klaus participated the opening of the first Italian jazz & classical radio station ìEuropa Radio Fm 88.3î that broadcasted music for over 20 years. He played as a pianist in different jazz and new age ensambles experimenting blends of classical and jazz improvisation. His musical idea is to accomplish new artistic expression through the merging of some classical composer with moder jazz third stream pianists. Thatís where the title of the album comes from: ìWhat if Erick Satie met Keith Jarrettî. Beside his parallel both successfully careers as information technology entrepreneur and as jazz singer with the latest Cd ìJazz for Saleî, he worked as artistic director of the most exclusive jazz clubs in Milan: Santa Tecla, Ca' Bianca, Grand Visconti Palace, Light Restaurant, etc. Klaus is a complete artist capable of making music without delegating any aspect to anyone; form creating to arranging, form conducting to interpreting, from producing to promoting. He simply does it all himself. Thatís why heís one of those rare figures whose professionalism is mixed with creativity richness. Here are some outstanding musicians he worked/played with: Phil DeGreg, Andrew Fawcett, Hilary Kramer, Greg Bosler, John Nassham, Mario Rusca, Tony Arco, Massimo Scoca, Ermanno Principe, Lucio Terzano, Roberto Piccolo, Maurizio Lauzi, Michele Bozza, Luigi Gungui, Rudy Migliardi, Antonella Mazza, Luca Jurman, Carlo Bagnoli, Marco Volpe, Luciano Milanese, Giulio Visibelli, Eva Simontacchi, Paolo Alderighi, Antonello Molinari, Alberto Bonacasa, Alberto Barattini, Mino Rey, ecc.