1 is an author, composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. He founded the progressive rock band New Credo and linked his career to it. After studying classical guitar at the Conservatory, he also became player of bass, piano, keyboards, drums and percussion, transverse flute. He was a pioneer in the use of computers and computer science in music; he also opened and managed his own recording studio from 1994 to 2000. The Studio was used for his own purposes but also for other musicians. The pride of place was the recording of the voices of John Wetton, singer of Asia. He has published many records and videos with his band New Credo and actively collaborated with other realities. New Credo Official Discography 1988 Al di fuori del bene e del male [Autoprodotto] 1990 Somebody love (45rpm) – [Ed. Pongo / Arexong Records (Paris)] 1991 Vetri di un sogno in ‘Somma sul Palcoscenico vol. 1’ (33rpm) [Il Gruppetto] 1993 Fafnir – Prologo [Kaliphonia Records KRC013] 1996 Camel Tribute [Mellow Records] 2000 I’m searching – videoclip [Autoprodotto] 2003 Wstęp in Polski Art Rock vol. 3 [Lynx Music] Cooperations with: Francesco Barbuto, Red, Raindances, Antonio Lamura, Gonzaga Choir, Carlo Maria Arosio, Rabnota