Gioel Severini was born in Milan in 1984. He studied saxophone at the Civic Jazz in Milan with Mauro Negri and later at Saint Louis Jazz College in Rome with Max Ionata. In the summer of 2005 he won a scholarship to the Rome Jazz School and has the opportunity to study and to extend the language with jazz masters like Maurizio Giammarco, Rosario Giuliani, Kenny Werner, Marcus Miller. He plays in the Big Band Roberto Coltello and in the same summer sounds at the House of Jazz in Rome training conducted by Giovanni Mazzarino. He returned to Milan where he plays in various clubs such as Blue Note, Monkeys, Jog, Cheval Cafe, Hollywood, Old Fashion, Refeel, Exploit, Forty-four cats (Monza) and many others. Hecollaborates in 2008 with John Legend first for Quelli che il calicoon RAI 2, immediately followed by X Factoralways on RAI 2. In October of 2009 with Michael Buble for the program Che tempo che faâ€. In December of that year released in the compilation United jazz Artists of Milan, two standards achieved with his first trio, the training that passion for freedom of expression for the harmonic and rhythmic complicity. At the present he is preparing a disc with unreleased tracks his new trio of Gianluca Alberti and Ferdinando Fara, professor of saxophone at the Mas-Music Art Show in Milan. THE TRIO This training was created a year ago by his desire to achieve greater harmonic and rhythmic freedom than the traditional quartet with pianoforte. For this reason the latter absence has created to start a limit but it soon became the strong point of the which established the identity of sound and variety of language that sees the traditional and the modern marriage with great simplicity and naturalness. Inspired by the sound of Branford Marsalis and Joshua Redman Trio. This Trio tryes to create the greatest possible freedom in the music but not to lose the concept of swing and the root of black jazz that both belong to us.