Denny V (Valentina La Russa), born in 1983, is an actress and songwriter, she's a singer since she was 5 years old; in 1989 her partecipation in the selections of "Zecchino d'Oro" tv program. During adolescence she enjoys singing in various cover bands and she took part in various singing competitions including "Malgratefestival" with the artist Ivana Spagna and "syntonia festival", a Brianza's squares tour with Memo Remigi, Cino Tortorella and Eugenio Ban. In 2004 she partecipates to "Music Clip" tv program where she ranks second. Valentina debuted her first dance single "Realise" in 2013 and the second "Exciter" during the same year under the pseudonym "Alteread beasts". She is the author of many other singles in the following years including "I need you", "Fill your dreams", "Rude Boy", "Please come back" and "Forgive me" (this one performed by the Italian theater actor Gianluca Sticotti). In 2016 she joined the rock band "The Overness" who changed name in "Denny V and Rising". In 2017 the band debuted with the singles "Shining tears of a broken heart" and "This is all I know".