Paolo De Florio Gallipoli (Italy) producer and Dj – Live Performer of House, & electronic music. Paolo De Florio was born in small town of Gallipoli on the 23th of Genuary, 1992. At the age of 12 he became interested in music and at the age of 13 he become to ''write'' music himself. The sound of Paolo De Florio is based in 2010 with the project ''I Want Change '' his first EP "Paolo De Florio'' is an adventurer in the space of all possible sounds, seeking out sweet harmonies and funky beats wherever they may be found, regardless of danger to his person." So far I have had a small number of my own tunes released on ''Two Slide Record and Tarantula Record ''. I'm always looking to expand my production and remixing for this , i'm influenced by his background of different styles of music, combined with percussive grooves, deep bass lines, huge breakdowns and a lot of experimental sounds - it's like a composition of various music genres that are combined to create a new track.