Born in 1990, he studied classical guitar with Davide Ficco atthe Conservatory of Cuneo graduating himself with 10 cumlaude. After that he specialized at “Armonia” Academy inGessate with Enea Leone, at Conservatorium of Music inMaastricht (Netherlands) with Carlo Marchione where heobtained a Master Degree in classical guitar, with AnielloDesiderio, Tilman Hoppstock and Matteo Mela. He alsostudied baroque music with Giangiacomo Pinardi andEduardo Eguez. In 2016 he received a scholarship from theprestigious “De Sono” Association in Turin, with which he financed his musical and artistic activities. He’s currentlyattending the Master Degree in early music at Conservatoire Royal in Brussels with Nicolas Achten and the PostGraduate at “ESMUC” in Barcelona with Xavier Diaz - Latorre. He performs regularly for important festivals andassociations in Italy (MITO, ILMA Festival, “Festival dei Saraceni” in Pamparato …), Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.He collaborates with internationally renowned musicians such as Sabina Colonna Preti, Eduardo Eguez, MassimoLombardo, Giangiacomo Pinardi, Thibaut Lenaerts , Eriko Semba and Furio Zanasi. He has collaborated as continuounder the guidance of conductors such as Claudio Chiavazza (“Ruggiero Maghini” Academy) Ludo Claesen (“CollegiumStrumentale”), Massimiliano Toni (“Marchesato Opera Festival” Orchestra), Marco Ozbic (“Corpo Cantante”) andFederico Maria Sardelli. He's also engaged in the direction of “Ricercare” Musical Association in