Dj affirmed, singer-songwriter (in this role he calls himself Benny Moschini), musician, producer and artistic director of clubs, Benny C‡maro does not stand still for a moment and performs various professions that all run around quality music. As a DJ, Benny C‡maro started very young, in 1998. Since 2005 he has been working with clubs, starting from Costa Smeralda, dancing all the most important clubs in the area (Sottovento, Sopravento, Billionaire) ... For a period he was artistic director of Mynt Lounge Club, at the time important reality of San Pantaleo. After playing the role of artistic director of Venus and Porta D'Oro, two of the most historic nightclubs in Milan. The career of producer has undertaken in recent years realizing an important remix for Enrico Ruggeri ("The Wave Remix"). His Crack It Out "reached # 33 on Beatport. He has recently published many quality tracks (I Wanna Give You, Big Bass, Come On, Knockout, Everybody and Black Stars among others) on labels such as Jango Music, Red House, IRMA Records, Kluster Records, 5howtime Records and Cablage Records.