Piedmont birth, he has done intensive training since his youth, growing experience in different musical genres and forms in themselves, and forming in itself a conscience of "open music" and of ready musician to gain the most interesting elements of the various musical languages, without preconceptions and beyond the traditional schematics. Since 1980, he became interested in teaching music, he is the author of textbooks and teacher specific. He studied music and graduated from the Conservatory “ G. Verdi “ in Turin, and since the period of education has been part of numerous orchestras and chamber, with which it has participated in various musical and lyrical-symphonic seasons. He had also been carried out intense work with the saxophone, studying and experiencing the remarkable expressive possibilities of music in jazz and classical repertoire. With its own jazz quartet has performed numerous concerts in Italy. Since 1985 he joined the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers as a composer and, at present, to his credit a large number of original compositions and many transcriptions and arrangements, published by publishing houses and Euphony and Allemand. He has worked with several recording studios and has attended various training seminars in Italy and abroad. He was student to the courses of direction of orchestra held by the M.or Ludmil Descev. He then attended the advanced course in conducting at the Accademia Musicale Pescara. It firmly directs various formations, including the Wind Orchestra and LIVENZA THE EVOLUTION BIG BAND, training rhythmic-modern formation.