Class 1983. From an early age the passion for singing led her to imitate the legendary Stevie Wonder at the age of 4 and listen to Michael Jackson with Thriller, her first CD received as a gift! At the age of 11 he won his first singing contest held in a holiday village in the Marche region. Subsequently she participates in other singing competitions in the Verona area, ranking with good results. From the age of 20 she began to sing with the Myrmica, composing unpublished songs. At that time she also collaborates with Matteo Lenotti (Lendo) and released his first album of 7 unpublished songs. From this moment on they follow different collaborations with different cover bands: Cafè 80 (80s cover); Novaera (Pop / Rock songs rearranged in a Hard Rock / Metal key); Seven Times (Verona Elisa Tribute Band). In recent years she has had a substantial live experience in Verona and participates in several competitions for bands, coming in third place in the Bande Sonore 2010 edition. Having always been self-taught at some point she feels the need to take lessons in singing technique, and, not happy with modern singing schools, in her search for that something more, she knows a now retired opera singer, the legendary Angelo De Carli, from whom she takes precious lessons in Lirica singing technique. After this experience finally acquires control of her voice greatly improving the way of singing. In 2016, after a long 4-year break from live music, she decided to resume singing initially as a chorister with Similar, the tribute band to Laura Pausini. After a very short time he formed the acoustic project Love Me Forever pop-rock music from the 80s and 90s together with two guitarist friends. In 2017 Sara is contacted by a tribute to Elisa of Padova and returns thus to sing the music of his beloved Elisa becoming part of the IVY Elisa Tribute Band. Study and love for singing always continue. In 2017 Sara deepened the subject of the "Harmonic Song" with maestro Alessandro Gomiero and in 2018 had the pleasure of taking lessons from the legendary Cheryl Porter Vocal Coach. In the summer of 2018 he met Matteo Bergamin and began a collaboration with him, recording both unpublished songs and covers in the studio.