Saxophonist, arranger, composer. Formia (Lt), september 14, 1970 Graduated in saxophone, Electronic music and Jazz at the L. Refice Conservatory of Frosinone . After winning several national selections, he improves in several high level professional qualification courses organized by Jazz Siena, the Tuscany regional administration, the Province of Siena administration and the European Union funding, as part of training services, ( "SIENA JAZZNET, African American Music, Jazz and its surroundings, etc ...") He performed as soloist with many classic and modern jazz orchestras (the Santa Cecilia Orchestra, the Corrida show Orchestra (Mediaset tv) the Sandro Comini Orchestra (Rai Tv), the Whithworth jazz ensemble in Washington, the Modecon Ensemble, the Modern Big Band, etc ... .) Since 2007 he's a founding member of the Universe Orchestra ", directed by Master Marco Tiso, with whom he played in Christian De Sica's theatrical tour, in the show "Tell me about me " of Maurizio Costanzo and Enrico Vaime, performing in all the Italian opera houses, and with whom he also recorded many sessions for several movie soundtracks and discographic projects. He held several electronic music concerts at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, presenting many first ever performed compositions, and wrote, directed and arranged music for the show "LA CANTATA DE 'LI' Cunt" premiered in Rome at the Philharmonic gardens on july 12, 2001. On august 26, 2006, he's been awarded the National Award "Portico di Onofrio". He composed, arranged and produced several successful theatre music albums. He released his his latest album "My Sound in the grooveā€¯ in the month of december. Since 1998 he's the resident Chair professor of saxophone and the Director of the Municipal Band of Pico (Fr)