Mattia Salmaso : TIAES . I was born in Desio in 1987. I bought my first cdj 100 and record player in 2003. Once I went home I couldn’t wait to play with them. I fell in love with the music scene from the moment I started to play music. Thanks to my determination, within 6 months I started to work as a lighting technician in various nightclubs of Monza and Brianza. Here is when I took my early steps towards my career as a dj. My passion and interest continued to develop into every aspect of music, which motivated me to build this career from nothing. In 2004 I started to work as a Dj in one of the most popular clubs of Monza and Brianza where I experimented with different sounds and learnt new skills. I worked every Saturday night and my job was to entertain people by reading the crowd and playing the music that got them going. I played around with different music styles from deep house to rock and reggaeton while always having fun and keeping the party pumping Since then, my career developed year by year. I started to work as a DJ in different bars and nightclubs of Milan while also DJing for private events, weddings, bachelor parties, birthday parties. This career, which started as a dream, was becoming real and successful. Once I was getting steady work in good parties, I started to expand my other passion - cycling. I got the necessary qualifications and became a spinning Instructor. Music and movement are the two most important things in my life, and fortunately I have been able to put them together. Music is really important in spinning, it’s the connector between me, my students and the work out. Nowadays, I have found my path. DJing and production has become my creative output; the means by which I express myself, my feelings and emotions. I’ve started to produce music founded on deep house rhythms and dance-pop acoustics. I like to take different sounds from the environment around me and adapt them to feelings in that moment, making my tracks really personal and unique. My music talks about everyday life, travel, new experiences, hard times or a work out and maybe, you can recognise yourself in it. My objective? I’m always looking for the perfect sound.