Luciano Somma was born in Naples. Several years ago, he began writing lyrics for songs and poems since the age of 13 years old. Many publications on the assets in individual or poetry anthologies, including schools. He has written and he still writes to an unknown number of periodicals, hundreds of awards, two times silver medal of the President of the Republic and in 1987 HC degree in literature and philosophy. Today in the jury several times in contests of poetry and fiction writing at the SIAE as author and composer he produced about 2000 songs with various collaborators and interpreters. For years, radio host, often in local TV and broadcast on RAI 2 in the NO ' NEVER TOO LATE in 2005. Artistic director of the Project Team Antorva of Vivicentro, Emmegiischia, and other literary and artistic organizations. He’s the poet no longer present on the Internet, dozens of academic qualifications. He is currently working with several sites, radio and TV online with poems and songs.