born in Fiuggi in 1959. He graduated in piano and graduated in electronic music, after attending the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia. He attended seminars of Composition with Master Flavio Emilio Scogna. Musical experiences of various kinds: in the theater, with Carlo Croccolo, Pino Insegno, Ivelise Ghione, Marcello Casco; in the field of pop music, with Lena Biolcati, Marina Rei, Giorgia, "Bottega dell'arte", Gilda Giuliani. He takes care the arrangements for various artists, including a remake of the song "The World Turns" Tenco Reverberi and the song "Madam" by Renato Zero. In the record industry aims paired with Massimo Zuccaroli, with a project of New Age music, in its "Maximus and Felix" with tours in Italy and in Europe and cooperation in the field of fashion, with Gattinoni and Antonio Grande. He taught at the '' Italian Institute of Computer Music ". He has made arrangements of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, "The Three Little Pigs" in the form of rhyming text with music. He has made the musical fairy tales: "I'll give you a story" published by "Editions Pauline", the realization of which have collaborated among others: Pino teach, Ricky Memphis, Santa De Santis, Carlotta Germans, Andrea Lo Cicero, Sally Moriconi and others; Also for the "Pauline": "I'll tell you Christmas." And he is working on a new job, always for the "Pauline", in which you'll hear the voices of narrators: Cristina Parodi, Paolo Di Mizio, Paola Rivetta, Luca Barbarossa, Alessandro D'Ambrosio, Santa De Santis, Anna Favella, Leonardo Ferrari Beloved, Turkish Pina, Ana Caterina Morariu, Bustric, Riccardo Castagnari.