Clouds. They move slowly, following the world from above, untouchable. They melt in the sea and with the sun of an astonishing sunset. And when you feel the sand in your hands, you think that sand could be the heart of the one you love, to share the moment of peace. You want that smiling, moved and grateful tear, fused in the Earth, could be sensed by everyone, lost in a warm summer wind. You know it's not like that....but this doesn't mean you cannot fight for it." ELEVN grew up instinctively in the music, taken and buffeted in several sonic universes, slides continuously between the acoustic and the electronic side, with implacable constructive thirst. From darker and more mechanical ants, from travels shaken by mighty and fierce vibrations, to the light and melancholic flights of the odyssey of the heart, the real sense of the music of this "player" lies in long stretches of life's ohotographies, in a message that could act as an emotional lever because everyone can extract their own strength from themselves, even at the cost of an unexpected tear.