robThe composer describes himself with the following sentence: "I am a metalhead who joined the conservatory after falling in love with Ennio Morricone's music" Rob Cavallo, Faggiano (TA) 1980, graduated in guitar at the G. Paisiello Conservatory in Taranto. In 2003 he received diplomas from the Berklee School of Boston on composition, improvisation and mixing following the Berklee clinics of Umbria Jazz. He has released several albums as part of soundtracks (some titles: Dark as Noir, Rawmantica and Music for Film.) He has written several soundtracks, most notably the sitcom Cosí Fan Tutti, a short Hard Boiled by William Crossley and Hitchcok's Purse by the award-winning director Marissa Chibas. Ryan Neil of the Spirit Music Collective (music used on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, History Channel) in 2019 included him in the roster of composers.