ILE TRIO Deobrat Mishra Deobrat Mishra, child of Pandit Shivanth, he was born in Varanasi in 1976, he has learned to play the tablas from her mother, daughter of the famous musician Baiju Mishra, and he has studied song and sitar with his father from the five year-old age. He exhibited for the first time when he was eight getting a great success and the encouragement of eminent musicians. When he was eleven he has performed a concert near the National Radio of his country. He has played with a lot of famous Indian musicians. In 1995 he has been winning as good performer of sitar of India. In 2000 he has received the SurMani (Jewel of the sound) prize to Mumbai, India. He has played for the Italian television and it gives all over the world often concerts with his father to spread the Indian classical music. Fabio Jegher composer and percussionist, was born in Trieste in 1949, and he has graduated near the local University of Biological Sciences. He has gotten in the Usa the master in composition (Boston Berklee School). In the Usa and in Italy he has participated as instrumentalist, author and manager of ensamble to around 500 concerts. From 1991 to 1998 he has taught "Technical compositive" and "Relationships between Music and Science" near the institute of Musicology in Milan, of which he has been Didactic Manager. In the same years he has collaborated besides, as teacher, to the formation of the "Employed to the musical industry (92 -93)", "employed to the record production (97 -98)", "employed to the offices it stamps and public relationships for the record industry (97 -98). From 1996 to 2000 he has been teacher of orchestral Exercise near the "Center of the Music" of Cusano Milanino, and from the '91 to the '97 of Harmony and Composition near the Arci of Cream. All now he teaches the subject near the Civic School in Milan. He has made three records of his compositions: in U.S.To. "Timezone" (with Dave Kikoski, Chris Rhyne etc.) in Italy "Chiaroscuri Atmospheres" (with Mike Melillo, Hugo Heredia, Tom Scott, Larry Bunker, John Patitucci, Dave Carpenter. Sergio Crucitti From the 2002 leader of the formation of jazz of name p.or.s. where original passages are performed the formation he exhibited in various places near Mialn 2003 he studies and he collaborates in miami USA with the musician Carlos Averof and he exhibits him in various places of miami. Between 1998 and 2004 he studies composition and arrangement with the musician composer fabio jegher. He composes for the orchestra work shop of the civic school of jazz Milan he plays for basf sky philips pirelli, and other private receptions in Milan.In 2007 he collaborates with the director Beat Kurt….he composes and he performs the music for the short film of the exposure to the biennal exhibition in Venice in March 2007 intitled the carnivorous woman. Among the 1996 and 1999 he exhibits him in various concerts on behalf of the civic School of jazz to milano playing with Franco Cerri Henry Intra Lucio Terzano Fabio jegher from 1994 to 1997 collaborates with the musician pianist Umberto Pertin