Dj Frisk was born as Andrea Lazzero on 20/12/1982, in Turin (Ita). Dj since he was 18. On air, daily, on Radio Manila, a Piedmont regional radio, He was protagonist in many disco of Turin, Piedmont and beyond. Several dates in the Ligurian Riviera, during the summer seasons, and most of all those in the Romagna coast, at “La Baia Imperiale ", in Gabicce. In 2005, Frisk was also protagonist in the disco "Les Number One" in Giromagny-Belfort, France. Together with Maurizio Cimmino, brotherly friend, is the founder of the project “Peopledance”, staff who care parties and events, giving particular emphasis to animation and theme parties. In his productions, Frisk captures a snapshot sound with a particular state of mind, as if to emphasize an emotion, a feeling experienced and forward to all those who want to get carried away with sounds chosen with extreme care, and carefully mixed . Actually, It’s possible to find, on web-stores, two of Dj Frisk’s productions: “The Train”, made with 5k0tt, and “I Wanna Feel The Beat”, published by “Bliss Co.”. He remixed the new single by “Dj’s From Mars”, “Supernova Star”, and the new single by “Blow-Up”, “You Really Turn Me On”.