Composer, Bassist, Contrabassist
Graduated in:
1) Music Business Certificate Program (Ucla, California)
2) Attendance of attending music journalism at Experiences s.r.l.
3) Attendance of one year of Low Electricity course at S.Louis school in Rome
4) Completion of Umbria jazz clinics
5) outstanding musicianship of Umbria jazz clinics
Professionals: Bassist, (beginner violinist). Attivita 'Of study and exercise on of the instrument
twenty years. He has played in about 10 Cover Band from 1995 to 2005 in the city of Rome and in the
national territory. Involved in professional tournaments in Italy and Switzerland has played in more
situations in Europe and lately thanks to an annual experience in California, Los angeles. He recently
learned but the art of musical counterpoint.
Absolute winner for music for Roma 2013. Also, thanks to the Diploma obtained at Ucla (Los Angeles
University) an expert in music copyright, namely copyright
Styles on the instrument: jazz, funk, jazz-rock (fusion), popular, etc.
Books and manuals for the instrument: Simandl, Bille, Gary Willis, Jaco Pastorius, Maurice Annesa and
Techniques on the instrument: pinched 2 or 3 fingers, thumb, slap, 2 hand tapping, etc.
Instruments: 1983 Fender jazz bass and 1997 Quantum Fretless Module (only 4 strings sound). Eden
Preamps and Cases. Acoustic Fender 4 Strings, Violin