01Guitarist / Singer / Chorister / Producer / Arranger Before the age of twenty, he can boast collaborations with the greatest orchestras Italian, also recording numerous discs and CDs. Later, he moved overseas for two years, playing, wandering and accumulating experiences between New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and Detroit. He records some CDs with american artists that accompanies on tour, accompanies Lara Saint Paul, Patty La Belle and "meets" guitarists of the caliber of Al di Meola and Les Paul. Back home, he starts performing in various clubs and joins the formation of the New Trolls. In 2009 he was personally chosen by Brian May of Queen for take part in the musical “We will rock you” for a two year long tour. He has also collaborated with Ronnie Jones, Alberto Radius, Bernardo Lanzetti, Luisa Corna, Phil Palmer, Enzo Iachetti of whom he recorded in 2011 "Acqua di Natale" the cd that sees great Italian artists as guests including: Mina, Vecchioni, Baglioni, Ruggeri, Dalla, just to name a few.