Since childhood where he begins The Piano is 7 years old inspired by his mother, Singer of classical music, and his father of Senegalese origin, Passionate about Latin Music. Mike impresses at school, by recomposing on his Nokia, the ringtones of all the tubes of the time for his little comrades. He evolves over the years his compositions, interested in all types of musical styles. After years as a DJ for small parties, he brings great care to note and classify all the pieces, through many criteria, in a morbid search, musical judgments with the greatest Objectivity possible. His childhood and adolescence will be marked by several traumas: separation of these parents at age 14, infidelity of his first love with one of his best friends, the rejection of his mother's new companion. These events will have a profound impact. The extrovert young Mike, who gradually gets stuck in his passion, becomes a true GEEK, he loses his desire to live at 19 years old. One decisive night when he thinks of the worst, listening to the radio, Mike feels a deep conviction that he can do much better than he hears. He then takes a leaf, draws a large right arrow, the sign, swears that what will happen to him in the future, nothing can divert him from his goal of becoming one of the best composers of Pop Modern Music. At 22, he goes to England to try to mix as a DJ, but no opportunities open to him, except for the meeting of his life "Céline Chanson", which will follow until the end, and will become the main designer of DELIVERS. At 23, when he returned from abroad, he was greeted at home with great sadness by his mother and the influence of his new companion, then finally insidiously pushed to the street, his choice of life to devote himself to the music, his confinement Linked to his past, Being judged day after day for years, his family preferred to choose a more "classic" way. 8 years later, Mike Hadisson is the Creator, Author, Composer, Co- performer, Screenwriter, of the avant-garde music POP group "DELIVERS", created in 2015. That same year, Mike has an artistic heart for the singer "Pauline Viala", met at the ATLA School of Music, who will become the lead singer of the band. All 3, determined to follow the lineage of the legendary French Touch, The group combines original visual originality with great melodic finesse and avant-garde production despite their small means. In September 2017, DELIVERS Sign a MAXI, semi-independent, on the label of Mr COCTO Herve which will generate more than 4 million 500,000 views across the world in 13 countries. Mike has more than 50 titles of original and effective advances but continues to seek absolute artistic perfection and melodic, with the desire to approach the perfection of the "Beatles", of which he is a great FAN. In September 2018, Mike Met developed an original Charismatic character, "Mike Hadisson", a kind of Modern Cowboy, which he developed in the Parisian Clubs over the evenings, this character allows him to overcome his shyness Naturelle which remained an obstacle the development of the group, to be more performant artistically, without worrying about the eyes of others. In December 2018, DELIVERS made, Via Herve Cocto, the meeting of Pierre Vikian, who has a real love for the group, and will become their Agent, to represent them with record companies, all to make "DELIVERS », One of the biggest groups of POP music Mondial, made in« french Touch », in the years to come ... In April 2019, DELIVERS directs his artistic direction towards POP Music with therapeutic and destressante Virtues, following many returns of admirers of the group, feeling this sensation of very particular appeasement, coming off of most productions of the group