Alessandro Panicciari was born in 1975 in Italy in a little town from the hinterland of the region Le Marche. Surrounded by electronic devices and hi-fi equipments in the family-run shop, he starts getting his experience in the field of the audio devices, getting more and more fond of sampling and of listening any music genre. Together with his brother, at the age of fifteen he is already making his first experiences on music consoles during private parties. After winning the first edition of the national price called DJ TRIP, in 1994 he shows himself on the scene of the disco of the province (such as FLEXUS, MUC MORE, KINGs) introducing an innovative sound spreading from underground to house progressive using the pseudonym of AXL P. In 1996, he becomes resident DJ in one of the historical locals along the coast of Le Marche region, the AQUA DISCO VILLAGE, that has witnessed the birth of several talents of the today house/techno music scene. Within two years he becomes moderately famous in the Italian circuit performing at the consoles of other clubs such as: Cellophane, Echoes, Mamamia, Nylon, One-night, Red Zone, Imperiale, Fabula, Fix, Blue Chaos, Kings. In 1998 his first recording experiences (techno, trance, chill out music) under the pseudonym of VFJ project as remixer for the Dj/producer Gianni Parrini thanks to whom, in addition to getting more technical/professional experience and a wider knowledge of the electronic music panorama, he gets in touch with the movement Swiss club (thus managing to perform at MarkHalle (in Bern), Voudoux (Martigny), at Loft,Mad (Lausanne), at Club Q, Street Parade in Zurich, at the Zoo, Or-beat,Lake Parade(Geneve), at Diams Club(Sion) After these experiences that contributed to the development of his artistic personality, he comes back to Italy focusing his activity on the record and audio production and cooperating in several productions for the music labels Kickn tunes (Hard Mac is in the compilation Energy trance 9-yogi biomekanicha), Perspective (VFJ project planet teat 01), Compilation Veleno (Indie); making remix for the Feel Reel Rec (Can you get down, believe me 2005 remix, feel da house vol. 1); taking part in the project Gilbert Renoirs NIISI, Neverdogs (amakua tenax rec) and Sergio Matina (Ascii Brothers the one); creating the projects ALERYDE (electronic, techno and house music) and STRADE COLLETTIVE (electronic, dub, lounge and ambient music) together with DJ Fabrizio Gregorio (tolerance/sound and ultrasound RAI stereo due) with whom he will produce some remix tracks in ambient/ electronic style for the Anglo-Brazilian label CURVE MUSIC (Tamy "u dom" e "gozar") gaining success in Brazil, Japan and UK, audio compositions for the following fashion designers Paola Frani, Jane Mac Millan, Cerfontaine and other multimedia projects. In 2004, he was invited by the director Joseph Lefevre to join the video recording production group Drop Brothers as sound designer and he composed the sound track of their first work entitled Full circle(that resulted one of the finalists at the SONY PSP short film contest and the winner of the Civitanova Film Festival in 2006). Later he composed also the sound tracks for one advertising spot taking part in the contest Enel digital contest 2006 (drop 03); it was entitled Nrg flow and was is a fusion of crossover rock and electronic music. At the moment he is working at his recording and multimedia projects: ALERYDE, STRADE COLLETTIVE, M TOILET (together with the DJ producer Ricky Mattioli) which is due to come out soon and he is committed in the organization of events such as HOUSE ON THE ROCKS together with other artists DJ PECH, I-ROB (audio crew) and ACG graphics. His DJ sets are various because they draw on contemporary music thus alternating hypnotic rhythms and alienating atmospheres that are typical of the techno music with electro-house, trance and minimal sounds/features and offer an exclusive travel above the atmosphere by the means of always sophisticated and avant-garde instruments.