Fabrizio Cremonesewas born in Carpi 31 October 1964th since a kid expresses an innate passion for poetry and music, creating his first song at the age of 12 early memory of a love lost. As a result, its setting and vocal technique has been perfected by the master Bononcini of Modena (the same teacher Vasco Rossi) to such an extent as to allow, in his artistic maturity, to compose their own songs and collaborating with various artists which we quote Luciano Somma, Giovanni Giungi, etc ..., and accompanied onstage, great artists, including: Mara Venier, Gerry Calà, Gabibbo, Los Locos and Natasha Stefanenko. In particular, we highlight one of his songs: "Sun", written with Giungi and sung by the then emerging and talented Futura Linari, ranked 2nd place in the Festival of Saint Vincent in 2004. His lyrics, guessed by a disenchanted and spiritualitàinducono the listener to reflect on the concepts presented, with music caressing and pleasant and a sustained tone of voice. Lover always Theatre, Poetry and entertainment in general, he attended schools and acting classes and music, composing various soundtracks dedicated to writing plays and some subjects and shows for avant-garde theater. His repertoire features several songs written and performed by him, that highlight the profound expressiveness that characterizes them. Mixing the suenumeroseesperienze and the continuing search for new forms of expression has also created two characters: Magician Sugary and Captain Spookye, typically oriented animation for children, confirming once again that unpoliedrico artist, author, composer and entertainer, which sees its business as a mission to snatch a smile and give moments of healthy escape, involving the public in its passionate performances. He also coined the following quote which is inspired by: "We are all under the same sky, even though each of us, he sees with his own eyes. Despite the horizon seems to us far, we have always at hand! "