DJ & Producer. He was born in Milan: inventor of events and One Night, such as Morea Party, The Sound of Saint Tropez and Supernatural. Registered trademark concerning compilations, merchandising,Tour and radio broadcast. On 2004 two of the most exclusive events, Cote D'Azur and Moorea Party (which was thought up on the occasion of French National Day July, 14th) were born. The party was located on the most historical beach on Saint Tropez (Moorea Plage) whereas The Sound of Saint Tropez was introduced on Palm Beach Cannes Film Festival (two are the edition that had entertained Miky Garzilli One Night: 2004 ñ 2007). His DJ set was premiered at important venues in Ibiza, Mikonos, Berlin,Vienna, Elkebir and Timisoara. He also had a notable performance at the GRAMMY AWORDS 2006 After Show. He features as a speaker on several broadcast shows including TV advertisements for Mediaset and RAI International and other prestigious networks. Collaborations in several house music projects . Eclectic, his music has been costantly evolving and in 2007 presented Supernatural, which besides being a party was also broadcasted live on the radio (entertained in France, Italy and Romania). This radio broadcast is specialized in house music and news about world nightlife. For Italian Way with the project Solarys - Miguel Garcia.