grooveThe Stay Groove band is made up of Gianluca Gentilesca (Guitar - Voice) and Maurizio Pignatelli (Piano-Keys). This project was born in late 2017 after the two virtually "met" on Facebook and made a video together. From there arises a friendship that leads them to finally meet in person and be able to play together in some musical contexts. In 2019 they continue to share videos on Facebook of instrumental Reharm covers such as Sunday Morning (Maroon 5), Splendida Giornata (Vasco Rossi) etc. etc. On July 7, 2019 they perform together with the CasinĂ³ Theater of Sanremo with their unpublished works. On July 27, 2019 their single entitled "Siamo Noi" is released and can be found on all digital stores by writing "Gianluca Gentilesca - Siamo Noi (feat. Maurizio Pignatelli). With the arrival of this pandemic, unfortunately, after all of Italy was placed in Quarantine, the two musicians began to think of offering videos and content almost daily, calling on numerous musicians to participate. There is talk of over 30 split covers recorded in this quarantine. You can listen to all these songs in our 3 albums. They collaborated with us: Vocals: Marina Manzi, Nico Marzocca, Ivana PellicanĂ², Francesca Perniola, Paola Ferrulli, Valerio Giorgio, Tony Troja, Max Barry, Vincenzo Lorusso, Paco Bucci, Jerry Gilfone, Bruno Santarsieri e Sciahin Khan. Drums: Gianni Lanotte, Tano Capolongo, Jhonny Giannandrea, Fabio Zampetta, Carmine Capone, Antonio Scolletta, Giuseppe Bonora e Giovanni Gasparre. Bass: Andrea Di Barius, Rino Conteduca, Matteo Carlini, Vincenzo Antonacci, Mimmo Castellano, Luigi Chiapparino, Vincenzo Ciffo e Valerio Di Ceglie. Guitar: Gianpiero Sorice, Donato Pignatelli e Gianni Petrone. Keyboards: Gino Gentilesca. Sax: Antonello Gravela, Luigi Tridente e Mariantonietta Clemente. Trumpet: Pasquale Gravela, Giuliano Teofrasto. Trombone: Antonio Gravela, Giuliano Teofrasto.