Born in Mantua, where he currently lives. TRAINING AND EDUCATION Degree in philosophy (2004) and in Pedagogy (2011) at the University of Verona. Shiatsu operator since 2003 and Ayurveda since 2008. He studied from 2008 to 2011 Tantra Yoga and Para Tan Sound Healing with Maya Devi and Swami Eswaran. Sound massage operator according to the Peter Hess method (2009); in 2010 concludes the formation in Nada Yoga Vemu Mukunda method. He studied piano and singing from the age of seven. At fifteen he began studying the forming and participating guitar and drums, as a songwriter and musician, to various projects in the field of experimental music "indie". Since 2011 he studied flute Bansuri with master Lorenzo Squillari. Since 2008 he practices the martial art Wing Chung Kung-Fu. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES From 2004 to 2010 he worked as a trainer, educator and operator of "sound massage" at the therapeutic community "Arianna" of Mantua. In 2003 he is approaching for the first time consciously, through the Nepalese shamanism, listening to the ritual instruments. Since that time travel follow uninterruptedly in the East (Nepal, Japan, Korea, China, India, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka) to explore and deepen this dimension of sound. Also from that year began the research, study and selection of various ritual instruments in order to apply their property to the welfare service of the person. In 2008 he records the "Bagno Armonico" brand and from that moment on various holistic centers of Italy teaches the practice of "sound massage" with singing bowls. Since 2010 starts to take courses of Nada Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) In 2011 he edited the edition and revision of the text of the book "The Essence of Ayurveda Classic" Dr. Vaidya Swami Nath Mishra. In 2012 he published the book, the result of systematization of the dissertation in Pedagogy, "Bagno Armonico: sound massage with Tibetan bowls". From 2013 he started working with the oncology department of Piacenza regarding the activities of "sound massage". In 2014 comes the expanded version of the text in Ebook "Bagno Armonico: sound massage with Tibetan bowls". In 2014 public along with Manlio Casini an informative article on the Bagno Armonico method on “DBN” and “Science and Knowledge” magazines. From September 2014 leads with Manlio Casini a pilot-study on the effect of administration of Sound Massage for cancer patients at the Hospital of Piacenza. In November 2015 the first results of this pilot study are presented at the International Congress of SIO in Boston. In 2016 together with Manlio Casini are expanding the study coordinating other operators in the national territory. From 2013 he propose informative conferences on the Bagno Armonico Sound-therapy method.