ightly tied up to the world of the music dance, from small he had a good time creating mixtape selecting the passages that passed in radio and giving the cassettes to the friends. With to spend some years the passion for the Club Culture he comes more always out and at the 16 year-old age he starts to play with virtual tools, experimenting turns of Riff and creating plain basic more and more near to of the real productions. Times are changing and the musical tendencies also. If initially in fact the productions were of character Dance, with to spend some years its passion moves him on sought after sonority, creating so productions Techno Minimal or Deep House. Lorenzo exhibited as Tocqueville to the consoles of many important Milanese places, Lima Light, Café Atlantique, Luminal, De Sade and so many others and currently ago evenings to the Café Atlantique to the 4040 in Milan.