1Roberto Di Girolamo, composer (Prossedi, Italy, 1959) started as a saxophonist studying at the Italian Conservatory with Baldo Maestri, during this period he was part of the Gerardo Iacoucci’s Big Band which performed in the most prestigious clubs in the Capital, with the same he participated in various television programmes. In 1980 a disabilitating accident made him a quadriplegic. Not being able to play the saxophone or any other instrument, in 1985 he landed in Composition with Daniele Paris. After a few years for health reasons, he left his academic studies and then continued as a self-taught with the precious advice of Carlo Savina. In 1990 he gave his first concert, entirely with his compositions, with orchestra and solo instruments, and since then other concerts in various genres (Jazz, Classic, Contemporary, Sacred music, etc), conceiving and implementing new projects in collaboration with his partner Maki Maria Matsuoka, opera singer. His music have been performed in different contexts in Germany, Cuba, France, USA, Japan, Italy obtaining wide acclaim, including Los Angeles Symphonic Winds in 2003. Among his pubblications: from CURCI “Cinque pezzi facili” for violin and piano (1995); “Clown” for bassoon solo (1996); CD “PIZZICATO BLUES” entirely his Jazz compositions (2000), CD "Classical Contemporary Emotions" which includes different musical stiles and languages (2013). In 2014 he composed the lyrics and music of the Oratorio “Via Crucis” commissioned by the Valvisciolo Abbey, reciting it during the Holy Friday, and the CD “VIA CRUCIS – Oratorio” is published in 2016. His musical taste range from Jazz to South American music, from 16 th century polyphony to 20 th century European and American music. He loves Ballet, Art and Theater.