Fabrizio Golino begins to hear the first sounds of the world that surrounds him on 9 January 1985. Soon his innate passion for abstract art and music, especially, the first addressed to study violin then piano, but in his teenage years irresistible urge to communication led him to attend increasingly entertainment clubs. From here he began working as a PR for dozens and dozens clubs especially in Milan but also throughout Lombardy. As swept away by a torrent of feelings, emotions and comunication, when he made 14 years hold presented itself to productions / musical compositions, devoted himself to electronic sounds, minimal techno ... and here we are with this ... music, live set and productions are the oxygen of his existence... His sound is strongly characterized by the hypnotic minimal swing that opens scene to the energy given off by the highly-anticipated beats of basses, everything is seasoned with the latest music and electronics technology, essential tools to enable him to imprint his uncontrollable creative impulses.