The Pacific Art Trio was formed in Italy from the union of three musicians from different countries. The creativity and talents of Stefania Yermoshenko (violin) from the Ukraine, Annamaria Cristian (cello) from Hungary and Danilo Manto (piano) from Italy give the trio a unique flavour not just for their vast repertoire but also for their particular awareness of tone, timbre and technical virtuosity, all qualities the public is quick to notice and admire. The Trio open approach with its public, its continuous research into new interpretations and renewed awareness of the old classics all contribute to its colourful character. The inclusion of new and unusual forms and styles that go beyond the repertoire all help to create an atmosphere of energy, passion and magnetism. In fact the Pacific Art Trio repertoire ranges from the classics to the contemporaries, with transcriptions of pop, rock and other genres, often transcribed by the trio themselves.