Songwriter and performer, Manuela, began studying music at the age of 8 years, 13 to the first small composition and the adaptation of an old song discovering the "world" of the arrangements, the first song at age 14 and 17 the first festival , "The Songs of Tomorrow" in which the song presented, written by her, he was among the top 30 out of 180 allowed. Other small events until the summer of 2002, when with the arrangements of maestro Bruno Illiano, who has worked with Pino Daniele, (singing teacher Monia Russo, chorister Povia) and others, he released his first single "Love Again" song admitted to the semifinals of Castrocaro and broadcast on the national and local radio throughout Italy. In 2003 the call and the meeting with a well-known record in Milan. In July 2010, participation in the Prize Lunezia as an Author with the song "Between one step and the next" (Judge-Rossi) with excellent agreement. In November the Festival of Kyoto playing a song dear friends, for which she was awarded the title of KNIGHT OF GAIA "for the artistic sensitivity to environmental issues." In summer 2011 "Stories" (Judge-Valais) enters the Top of the most played songs, visited the site and voted Rai-New Talent and remains in 12th place (out of 250 selected) for over a month. Also in 2011 he wrote and co-authored by as the first single of a young emerging, "Believe" (Judge-Valais) song part in the selection of young people for Sanremo SanremoSocial. By the same artist wrote two other songs in the first EP of the same. participates In 2012, with the song "Up in the Air" (Judge-Valais) Festival the Musicultura, by obtaining a score of 8.50 out of 10 by the commission, even if the song does not fit into shortlisted for the national event. October of the same year, leaving the Edit Music Italy, produced by Gibis musical productions, the single " Abrazame "in Spanish, cover rearranged for the artist, the success of Jglesias, which becomes part of the Compilation" Cover & Hits "for the Edit Music. works as a writer and performer, with several Italian composers and l .. ' adventure continues! :)