is a project of Stefano Lecchi drummer and bassist and contrabassist Niccolò Bolla Bonavita, aimed at merging the rhythms of electronic music, specifically the Jungle and Drum&Bass and with strong influences IDM with their approach to improvisation and the harmonies of jazz and contemporary, without forgetting the funk in all its expressions. Around 2 main elements rotate some musicians, according to impressions made from time to time is required: more electronic and dance with the Nicholas Hall synthesizer and electric piano, if necessary with an MC, or more listening and jazz, with Andrea Illuminati to rhodes, Francesco Piras the trumpet, Roberto Pedroni the saxophones and flutes. Niccolò "bubble" Bonavita - bass, electric bass Stefano "lex" Lecchi - drums. COLLABORATION: Andrea Illuminati - Fender Rhodes Christopher Martinez - guitar Roberto Pace - piano, sinth Francesco Piras - trumpet Roberto Pedroni - saxophones Nicholas Sala - piano, synth