This jazz quintet was born at the end of 2007, musicians are: Alessandro Di Serio (piano) Mario Bodini (trumpet & flugelhorn) Aurio Cabrini (tenor sax) Stefano Delfini (acoustic bass) Max Onone (drums) The purpose of the quintet is to play under a modern arrangement the classic jazz standards (from bebop, to cool jazz, latin jazz, etc.), as well as to present some original compositions and arrangements of well-knows song of Italian music repertory. Brief summary on musicians: Alessandro Di Serio (born in 1965) – piano and jazz composition: started to study classical piano at age of 13 with pianist Alessandro Fortuna at the Istituto Civico Vittadiniin Pavia. Subsequently, having left the classical music study due to beginning of university studies, starter to study the jazz piano in Pavia first with pianist Umberto Petrin, and than in Milan with pianist Antonio Zambrini. In 2001 participated to the jazz seminary Musica Jazz di Nuoroorganized by Paolo Fresu, and in that occasion met the piano teacher and pianist Roberto Cipelli, continuing to study with him at the Istituto Musicale Monteverdiin Cremona since 2007. Between 1991 and 2004 played in different jazz groups (5ets, 4ets, combo, big band) and with musicians in Pavia and Milan, such as Max Onore (drums), Germano Zenga (sax), Pietro Bonelli (guitar) and Mario Bodini (trumpet). In 2007 together with Mario Bodini, Max Onore, Stefano Delfini and Aurio Cabrini founded the actual jazz quintet just 'n timeâ€. Mario Bodini (born in 1967) - trumpet & flugelhorn: started to study classical instrument with teacher Mario Pezzotta. Subsequently discover jazz music, studying with different teachers and in particular with Claudio Bolli first and presently with Sergio Orlandi, playing in different jazz ensembles (5ets, 4ets, combo, big band). He likes in particular the cool jazz, the bebop and latin jazz, loving musicians like Clifford Brown, Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Tom Harrell. Aurio Cabrini (born in 1967) – tenor sax and composition: following his grandfather and grandmother (Iso e Renèe Kostoris) both classical piano players, started to study classical music when he was a child. Than , studied jazz music with teachers like Giulio Visibelli, Gianni Bedori, Marco Vaggi at Civica Scuola di Jazzin Milan, and than with Emiliano Turazzi, Michele Bozza, Mauro Negri and Giancarlo Urso. He participated to the jazz seminary of Umbria Jazzwith Pietro Tonolo and seminary in Orvieto with Antonio Zambrini and Tito Mangialajo Rantzer. Stefano Delfini (born in 1976) – acoustic bass: he is the youngest musician of the group; however, since he starter to study the acoustic bass when he was very young, he knows well his instrument having already got a good experience in several jazz contests. He studied acoustic bass with techer Attilio Zanchi in Milan and participated to several jazz seminary of Musica Jazz di Nuoroorganized by Paolo Fresu (2001-2003) , also winning two editions as best student in acoustic bass. He collaborated with different jazz groups in Turin and Milan; currently playing stable in the just ‘n timequintet. Max Onore (born in 1964) – drums: he is definitely the veteranof the group with several years of experience in playing drums with fusion and jazz groups in Milan and other cities in Italy. He starter to study drums in 1980 by himself and than, in 1982 with teacher Franco Rossi. In 1983 started to play with his first band called TASTEâ€. Between 1987 and 1989 participated to several jazz seminary and in particular in 1989 to the seminary of Peter Erskine in Siena. From 1985 to 1990 played with several groups jazz-fusion (i.e. Luca Zamponi, Massimo Scoca). In 1991 studied in the school of Enrico Intra, with Paolo Pellegatti and Fabio Jegher. From 1992 to 1994 founded the jazz quintet Doppia Lineaâ€, together with friends Germano Zenga (sax) and Alessandro Di Serio (piano). Nel 1995 plays in the program A.G. Jazz(PC) having the opportunity to play with Paolo Brioschi, Tito Mangialajo and Alberto Bonacasa. From 1996 to 1997 he also played with musicians like Piero Bassini, Luca Garlaschelli, Umberto Petrin, Roberto Martinelli, Beppe Aliprandi, Fabrizio Bernasconi, Roberto Piccolo, Marco Vaggi, Marco Brioschi, Michele Bozza, Antonio Zambrini, Germano Zenga, Claudio Bolli. He studied with Giampiero Prina, Roberto Gatto, Bruno Biriaco, Franco Rossi, Paolo Pellegatti e Alfredo Golino. For contacts: Alessandro Di Serio: cell. 338-5720065; Mario Bodini: cell. 347-5362360.