Born in Correggio in 1952, he graduated in Choral Music and Choir. He studied Analysis music and composition with Franco Donatoni, Aldo Clementi, Witold Lutoslawsky and André La Porte, winning a scholarship from the Music Youth in Italy in Groznjan (Istria). Teacher of Music Education from 1971 to 1984 at the Institute of Science "St. Thomas Aquinas" by Correggio, Theory, Solfeggio and Dictation Musical at the Institute of Musical Studies "Achille Peri" Reggio Emilia from 2002 to 2007, it is currently head of the Laboratory of Informatics Institute which teaches techniques of recording. Commissioner of the Music Section at the SIAE in Rome (1995-2002). President of the Orchestra and Choir "City of Reggio Emilia ", Cultural Association" Ferruccio Tagliavini ". Author of numerous sacred and secular music, symphonic and chamber music, including the Mass "De resurrectione Domini" Mass and performed in Italian First world at the Academy of Music in Zagreb and the Basilica of Santa Caterina (May 2001), the Ave Maria, First performed in the World by Cecilia Gasdia (September 2000) in the Cathedral of Mestre and Monselice. It published several numerous recordings playing concerts worldwide. He won the 2nd Prize Composition "City of Savona" with the song "Zero Sequence" for solo flute (November 2000). In spring 2001 he was awarded the "Julije Bajamonti" for music at the Festival International Music of Split. He has served on the jury of the International Festival of Choral City of Verona (April 2000), the International Music Festival "City of Azzano Tenth" (September 2002), the Competition National musicians Carpineti (2003, 2005, 2007, 2009). In January 2008 he was appointed member of the Technical Commission of Processing at the Rome SIAE for the years 2008 - 2013. In November 2008 he received the 3rd Prize of Choral Composition "City of Verona". In April 2009, he was a finalist in the competition International Composition organized by the "London Schubert Players" in London, where his song " Autumn Leaves "and" Ave Maria "are regularly performed throughout the world.