She is always engaged in studying and coaching sing and bollywood dance. She always had a passion for oriental culture, especially Indian, so she started studying Indian music and vocalizations, bollywood dance with Harshita Kasela, choreographer. Her first single from her is titled "Virtually", is sung in collaboration with Krishna Kasela, a famous Indian singer, so Italian and Indian music come together for an international music product. thanks to music she travels around the world and has many experiences, she meditates, she identifies herself with the way of life of those native peoples. The love for meditation, for singing and for sound sensations, leads her to create a disc of meditative sounds created specifically by the suggestions that she perceived in some characteristic places to make the listener travel with the mind. From here comes: MEDITATIVE VOICES AROUND THE WORLD. Bio: Kasya was born in Triggiano (Bari - Italy) on 13 February 1985. She aspired to become a playback singer from an early age. She started taking her first dance and vocal lessons at the age of 8 years old. Meanwhile, nurturing a passion for drawing and psychology, she graduated from the Art School of Bari and graduated in “Education Science and Training.” After school her primary passion became the music, which sees the winner and guest at many local and national competitions (Mia Martini Award, Gold Uvula, Naples Festival, etc...). In 2003 she became the voice of an important italian spot called "Tim 2005” produced by the italian talent show “Amici”. She recorded several TV Sync and Radios Spot and later in 2008 she won a scholarship to attend the CET (European Centre Toscolano), directed by the italian lyricist Mogol, taking part in several TV sitcoms singing, dancing and acting in every kind of theme. In 2012 she graduated at MAS (Music & Art Show) in Milan, a prestigious European Training Centre for the show, where she studied acoustic guitar, gospel choir and all disciplines preparatory for the Show Entertainment. Together with teacher and actor Mauro Simone she has participated to the musical "Now" and "Next to normal”. Later, she studied dance and stage movement with Karen Stange, becoming a complete artist, ready for the musicals world, so she took part in several of them like “Il Mondo di Patty " as singer and dancer going on tour throughout Europe and Italy. She then completes her studies in modern dance, funk, jazz, belly dancing and latin american, working with various artists such as Mario Rosini, Anthony Da Costa, Nicholas Pignataro, D’vious C. She performs as a soloist and chorister in some famous clubs and theaters including “Le Scimmie", "Ragoo", "44gatti.” Since December 2012, she becomes the main female protagonist of the musical "Siddhartha” starring in the role of Kamala (singer - actress - dancer) in a worldwide tour, performing also in New York , Los Angeles, Mexico, France, Germany and in the summer 2014 at the famous "International Theatre Festival” of Edinburgh (Scotland). He lived 2 years in Mumbai and had so many musical experiences.