Samuele Dessa, guitarist and composer: He currently performs the activities of: Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Sound designer, Programmer and Assistant to the Production of Jazz and Pop Music. Composer of Jazz Music, Pop and Popular Music. Arranger of Pop and Popular Music. He has artistic and record collaborations with: Adriano Celentano, Manu Chao, Fio Zanotti (Celentano, Mannoia, Pooh), Gianni Bella, Nicola Fragile (Eros Ramazzotti, Mina), Cristiano De Andrè, Nuccio Tortora (Mano Negra, Nino D'Angelo), Enzo Miceli (Daniele Silvestri), Celso Valli (Boccelli, Ramazzotti, Vasco Rossi, Laura Pausini, Gianni Morandi, Adriano Celentano). In 1999 Programmer for the song winner of the Festival of San Remo "Senza Pietà " by Anna Oxa, in 1999 Programmer of the piece "Il Figliol Prodigo" by Massimo Ranieri for the television program "Il Figliol Prodigo", in 2003 artistic collaboration with the producer Nicola Fragile for Renato Zero's Album, etc. Currently he has two albums with his group "Armeria dei Briganti". His tracks are broadcast on Rai Radio 1 and several other Private Radio or Web Radio. Appears as a guitarist on TV, Nationals as Rai for the programs of Adriano Celentano "Francamente me ne infischio" or "125 Million of Caz ... ate", Regional as Videolina, Sardinia 1, with several groups including Dorian Gray or Sikitikis. He currently collaborates on several record productions with producers Celso Valli, Fio Zanotti, Nicola Fragile and Enzo Miceli. He also performs Live and Study activities with numerous musical groups in Cagliari and Bologna, he teaches modern guitar.