1Born in Turin in May '63, he approached music from an early age, first through the study of the guitar, and then with the study of the clarinet at the Municipal Band of Venaria Reale, where he later made his first management experience. Subsequently he faced classical studies of instrument and composition, and arrangement for light music orchestra with Danilo Minotti at the Centro Professione Musica in Milan. He later joined both as a clarinet player / saxophonist, and as a keyboard player for numerous classical and light bands, activities that led him in the 80s, to deal with the arrangements of the rock group "Gow". Taking advantage of his musical and computer skills he realizes various recording projects. In 1999 he founded the gospel choir The White Soul Choir, of which he also takes care of the arrangements and with which he participates in hundreds of concerts in Piedmont. From 2007 to 2012 he directs and orchestrates a Big Band with which he accompanies the Italian and Latin Dance Standard Championships of Foligno on January 31, 2009. In the same period he directs and arranges a new project with the “Differenti Armonie” choir, with which he receives the 2nd place in the international competition in the city of Asti. In 2012 he formed a group called "Evergreen Music Orchestra" which brings into the repertoire classics of international music arranged in Big Band formation. In 2017 he gave life to a new idea entirely dedicated to the Soul and Funk of the "Motown Era" with the name of "Dirty Old Soul" Music, music and more music ... Luigi is an all-round musician. He passes with ease from symphonic sounds to rock structures, from jazz to choral music.