My name is Giampaolo Bellucci for friends the "Jampy" and I was born 42 years ago in Foligno (PG) Who are they? I am a dreamer, one who runs after the words, captures and plays, the gateway to the sea, towards the sun, a humble windbag, a simple boy from the suburbs who loves to write and do it with passion I write almost always, despite having locked up and hidden my thoughts, that have stuck for a long time, on the pages of old agendas, rather dusty, in and among the clutter of my drawers. For some years I could not find the courage to publish some of my stuff And I must say that now I feel satisfied for having made this choice. I wrote poems, novels, short stories, songs, newspaper articles, but I like to call, writer, poet or something else ... so I do not want to lock me up inside of definitions that do not belong to me I prefer to simply say that I write for the simple pleasure of it, and if I had to find a definition would say that I'm just a thief of words. He's right, the steal, I play, I create images, as if I had in hand a palette with many colors and each color transmit an emotion, with all its nuances, stronger, clearer darker. Is definitely not for me to say, but I believe that the true strength of my writing style is simplicity.