Atlantis Music Project is born in 2007 as a project of instrumental music inside which different sons-in-law and musical influences are developed with a strong attention to the sonorous quality both from the technical (use of analogical instrumentation) side and from the musical side beginning from the experiences of the single components of the group. Just for this the music of the Atlantis Music Project spaces through jazz, pop, rock, lounge, chill out and ethnic. Alessio Croci: born in Genoa 03/01/79, to the 16 year-old age he discovers his passion for the music, beginning to play the electric guitar, that brings him to share numerous musical collaborations with groups rock and blues in Genoa; it transfers then him to Milan where it undertakes the studies to become a technician of the sound. In 2000 he graduates him to the Sae Institute and later he starts immediately to work in different places as resident technician of the sound (Puerto Allegre, Scimmie) till starting, In 2002, as composer, arranger in recording studios of Milan. Always in Milan in 2007 deep, together with Davide Quaglia and Stefano Carpani, Atlantis Studio that It mainly deals him with postproduzione audio video for the principal record (Universal, Sony, Bmg, Warner) majors. Davide Quaglia: been born to Borgomanero 12/09/71, guitarist and bassista, from 1991 it plays in varied musical contexts interpreting different musical sons-in-law, from the rock to the blues, from the pop one to the acoustic one. Producer and arranger, in 2003 he achieves the diplome of "Technical of Sound and Recording" near the School of Tall Musical Improvement of Saluzzo. With Alessio Croci and Stefano Carpani deep, in 2007, Atlantis Studio. Stefano Carpani: born In Gattinara 15/12/73, tastierista, from 1992 it plays in different groups funky, jazz and rock. In 2000 he achieves the diploma of Technician of the Sound near the Sae Institute. From 2001 it devotes him with particular attention to the record Mastering one of the technicians becoming more appreciated in Milan. From the meeting with Alessio Croci and Davide Quaglia the common project Atlantis Studio and the musical project it is born Atlantis Music Project. Mirko Fait: born in Milan 03/06/65. He begins the studies of sax to Bergamo with Alberto Nacci, great saxophonist from the ethnic and visceral approach to the tool. Moved him to Milan he continues the studies with the sax way with the teacher Michele Bozza, with Giulio Visibelli and Emanuele Cisi to the Civic one of Jazz of Franco Cerri and Enrico Intra, thin to reach the last lessons with the U.S. citizen Michael Rosen. In 2004, with the international concertistis Danilo Manto and Max Patrick, take part to the project of fusion of contemporary music and denominated jazz Mantic Ensemble. The first cd is born: Deep lights. In 2007 the Fait Club Quintet founds, quintet that plays cool jazz and the original compositions of Fait. 2008 and 2009 are the years that see the busy artist in an intense record activity. Thanks to John Toso and Italian Way Music he produces "In a whisper", "Just for you" and "Open", with Atlantis Music Project.