Michele Schiano is a young singer-songwriter of the island of Ischia. His music is inspired by the desire to search for notes and melodies that touch the heart, that touch sensitivity and that indicate something magical in people's lives. Many singing competitions and many songs he wrote for himself and other emerging artists; among these "Apri Il Cuore", a song that compares the real world and a reality, and "The angels of the world", inspired by the extermination of the Jews, Schiano is also known on the web for some nice videos with his grandmother, disappeared for some months, and is currently followed on its Facebook channel by 120 thousand people. The relationship with the grandmother and with the little dog Mia was so magical that it was taken into consideration by hundreds of people who still faithfully follow him. From this story comes a song dedicated to the grandmother Immaculate, famous on the web as empress of Buvero, entitled "the Empress".   In the spring of 2015 comes out the cd "The last and useless lie" that contains 8 tracks of which 7 written by QBSOUND, the texts are by L.Somma and the editions of the Italianwaymusic record company. Even today the cd is sold in the best digital distributors