Born in Lentini (SR) on 23/7/1959 Fourth son of a large family emigrated to the north at the age of only 2 years attending all compulsory schools, nurturing a passion for music handed down from the parental tree. True passion is playing drums and percussions in general playing in the basement in a building disturbing the quiet having so the distrust and forced to stop playing noisy instruments at only 12 years I learn to strum the guitar taking private lessons from a guitarist friend also trying to sing improvising on notes played by writing the texts after a bit of home-made messy small groups are born where to be found to play from there soon the desire to play a particular instrument very attractive and penetrating the SAX considering an alternative to join the municipal band thus being able to study music for free and be followed by the masters, the thing lasted very little, leaving the desire to learn to play the SAX.