Alessandro Sanna known as AleXanna, begins his carreer as DJ when he was really young. In 1993, when he was only 19, he becomes DJ resident in one of the most popular Turin's disco-club, "Patio Club", working on its console till 1997. Since that year Alex starts his adventure in Cuneo's Hinterland, taking care of the newborn Barcelona's main room till 1999. Since 1999's New Year's Day, for more than a year, every weekend, he flies to Atena Lucana (SA), to share "Jammin'" console with some of the most popular Italian DJS, like Giorgio Prezioso, Gigi D'agostino, Gabry Ponte, Alex Benedetti, Bruno Bolla and much more. In the last few years Alex has been working in many Turin's club and all around Piedmont, like "Cacao", Vaniglia, Banus, Billionaire and many others. In 1995 Alex begins, side by side to the DJ profession, the one as dance- music producer, releasing records (when vinyl was still "alive") under different names as "Facamolada", that reached good results and earned good critics. AS today, he lists many dance music productions and a lot of remixes as: - (2005) AleXanna - Don't Leave Me on My Own (RooII Records London UK) - (2008) Facamolada - Lua Clara (Deepless Records Switzerland) - (2008) The Radio Key - Coming (Pink Star Switzerland) -(2010) Raff Todesco - Rio De Janeiro (AleXanna Remix) (Only The Best Records Italy) -(2011) Mila - Break Of Light (AleXanna Remix) (Smilax Records Italy) -(2011) Amoroso & Iezzi Ft. Mascia CJ - Loosing Control (AleXAnna Remix) (Smilax Records Italy)