Born from the collaboration between the virtuoso saxophonist and bassist Turin Milan both compositional and concerts as a duo, this project eventually turned into a trio and quartet, with already many live performances in assets, of which this CD is an example, focusing efforts to bring out those pages of the history of jazz from the 40s and 50s by Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie died prematurely going for the first Clifford Brown and Miles Davis in the lead up to connotations blues and even soul tracks of Cannonball Adderley of dense 'black energy that characterized those years and the following up to us as a lasting memory. There is no shortage in the repertoire those songs that have been the mainstays of the intense Phil Woods Quartet at which the drawing is inspired by a common thread that unites the interpretation of these songs: the inexhaustible improvisation full of beautiful phrasing not restricted to ' display of hyper Frank Altamura and dell'invidiabile with his alto sound that carries with it the mighty deep sound of the bass by Stefano Scopece and its consistent rhythmic drive, which does not fail to make efforts in both pizzicato and vigorous only with a bow helped by his scat. The modal nature of the wise pianism of Luke Cacucciolo shall not make these songs a succession of episodes one color and gives us moments of high virtuosity and lyricism combined with contemporary classic jazz phrasing and voicing evolved. Last but not least the contribution of the well-known Maximum Pintori with its energetic charge made of a long research even in the most remote tribal rhythms and an internalization of jazz ranging from the dawn of this music to its most recent expressions. an evening with FOUR WE then that leaves the sign of that jazz escapades that anyone who has already had the opportunity to see, do not fail to stress. Only song Angel eyes in trio with drummer Lorenzo Lombardo. In these live recordings that represent the work done so far.