Audia Valentina was born in San Giovanni in Fiore, 19 December 1995. Already at a very early age demonstrated a sensitivity of particular against 'art of music that will take her to devote herself to singing. In fact, began performing at age four and by 2001 will begin to study singing with the Master Stefania Conte for six years. Several are his musical experiences: all 'age of seven years took part in the 47 th and 48 th edition of the "gold Zecchino" and in 2004 he won the regional competition television show, "Fantastic" held in Fiuggi Terme and conducted by Max Petrucci with the presentation of the actor Edward Sivara (stage name: "Marshal Lion" in the telenovela "Vivere") and Claudia De Falchi (Glen Jerry Scotti on the television program "Word of mouth" in 2004). In 2005, Valentina was named the winner of the competition "Young promises" in Cerisano. Participate in after the television program "Baby Show" hosted by Paul Marra in 2007, passed an audition for the selection of "I Sing" in Cologno Monzese and in the same year, ranking second in the competition "Cantanote" Section boys in San Lucido Cosenza . In February 2011 enter into collaboration with Domenico Scordamaglia (author, composer, arranger and guitarist) and Marco Rizzo (singer). In 'October of that year, the three artists give life to the project "Opsonica" in collaboration with the label Edit Music Italy for which he recorded his first novel "We". Thus began a new artistic journey that will take for the singer to record a new single for GIBIS PM titled "PINK D 'AUTUMN' (Lemma A.-L. Gibis-Sum) which will 'also published and included in the compilation of the Italian Way Music. EDIT MUSIC ITALY In preparation for his first album.