Marco Cagliani I'm born March 29, 1969, already as a child I had blood music! IN THE years I Started a Writing and Composing availing Because of the great masters Adelio Cogliati, and Piero Cassano Councils having in my DNA still the melodic style updated again Ai Sounds of Our Days. Among the many Collaboration with Italian artists, in 2009 with the song The River starring Rosita Bonelli, we won the Sanremo Composers with 3 Awards Best Lyrics, Best Song, Criticism. IN MANY years I join a project of 32 tracks including Writing for children to attach a 7 Volumes That in a year, selling 80,000 copies. I have assets of nearly 300 songs Music and A charge adrenaline What moves the world! written and published my two albums in 2012 and 2015 AMA COUNTER.