The Fait Club was founded by a group of fans of Mirko Fait, a little joke, to play. But from there the saxophonist gets the idea to give his name to the quintet. Born in 2003, he founded with trumpeter Mark Luigini with the name Five for You. In 2006 alone becomes Fait Club Quintet. Quintet has played in numerous jazz musicians like the great trumpeter Gendrickson Mena, the bassist for Herbie Hancock, Mark Panascia and many others. Today sees the training as a pianist, the talented Leonardo di Virgilio at the piano, the Roberto Agostinelli bassist and drummer Marcello Cerri. In addition to the owner of the group, the tenor and soprano saxophonist Mirko Fait, another frontman changes as needed. Trumpeter named before a flugelhorn, Mario Bodini. From the tenor saxophonist Stefano Sernagiotto contralto Mauro Capitale. The quintet, also need trio, quartet or sextet, has played in almost all places and jazz club in Milan and Lombardia, but also throughout northern Italy distinguished by the energy and heart made available to the public. Recently he was part of the recording project United Jazz Artists of Milan with two unreleased tracks: Never Alone Melita and Nothing Else. Gigs of onset for the presentation of the CD on 15 December 2009 on a well-known Milan club, has done, with the ten other groups present, the full house with a thousand appearances in the evening! Same contest was a video of the launch of the cd United Jazz Artists with the song Never Alone Melita played not only by the quintet, the dance group Dance in Progress and the artist Ivan Rodriguez Fernandez directed by Daniela Mendo. Video programming that is now on many Web TV and music channels.