Enrico De Zottis (born in 1987) is a self tought musician and composer. Since the age of thirteen he started his musical experience - mostly inspired by the Beatles - writing melodies and songs, despite not having a clue of what music theory and composition are about. Working it out all by himself, he learned how to play guitar and piano almost exclusively by listening on and on to albums by Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals and "classic" composers (such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, his all times favourite composer along with Lloyd Webber). Along the years he has turned from a rock band solo guitar player and songwriter to a wider ranged composer, creating music for theatre plays and for websites. He describes himself as a "music creator", whose purpose is to give birth to music beyond any genre distinction - music is music, and it has to sound as beautiful and be as intriguing as possible.