Iury Battaglia and Raul Quinzi are in art the QB SOUND,they are friends from a life, in the years 90 they played together in the group Antarctic, then in their artistic roads they are divided, both have kept on playing in numerous places in Genoa and they not only begin, there fore important collaborations that have allowed him to engrave numerous cd of various musical kind. Iury within the years improves him in the study of piano and keyboards, Raul learns to play the sax instead, over whether to improve with his/her guitar first tool. In August of2013 they see again him, they decide to collaborate and to unite his/her own musical experiences, in April of 2014theirs has gone out first cd of the title SKILINE, thanks to the artistic manager Luciano Somma and to the record house Italianwaymusic that since the beginning you/they have believed in them. Today the QB SOUND are always authors looking for new collaborators and new singers that want to sing the unpublished passages of the two composers, if you are among these people contact them and it begins a new musical collaboration.