The Album “A Privileged Alchemy Sync” is the first editorial release by “Gabry the Sound” in “The Sound Records” thancks to the publisher “Italian Way Music”. I try to explain how i interpet the musical line, it is like a movement and Pads create a dream atmosphere, a trip...High definition Syntetizers and percussionsons on the rithm of “cassa dritta” and power basses. Mix made carefully and High Quality of Sounds with advanced Master. Good for meditation. I have had a lot of experiences before getting here, both live and in the studio, I have always risen in quality, and to concentrate on studying and creating new tracks is my passion. But in addition to my tracks I also listen to a lot of radio, in the car, on the internet and this keeps me updated on what I have to do, that is, the artistic currents to follow or new styles to propose.